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March 9, 2010

Collaborative Software

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I liked the idea of a wiki for the site.  My reasoning was

  1. There were lots of social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, already in use.
  2. What seemed most useful to me was a site I could visit to find, for example, links to sites discussing secure communications software, or what options were available for private contract mediation.
  3. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with developments on my own.  I could seed the wiki with information as I found it, and then let others help keep it up to date.

I looked at three alternatives: WordPress as a Content Management System, hosting at WikiDot, and MindTouch Core.  All three were open source projects, with hosting options.

I decided on MindTouch because it was visually appealing and had lots of connectivity options to other software, such as Google Calendar.

As soon as I did, I found that the hosting options started disappearing–MindTouch no longer offered the free hosting at, and a low-cost option ( was also phased out.

The plan at the moment is to take the VMware virtual machine that MindTouch supplies at no cost, image it and transfer it to a Xen virtual machine, then host this at Nexcess.


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