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Anarcho-capitalism describes a society free of the initiation of force or fraud. Each individual has a right to his or her life, liberty, and property, and no other individual or group can legitimately violate that right.

The State is a centralized organization that inherently violates rights. It funds its activities through extortion. It restricts voluntary trade through licensure, subsidy, and prohibition. It uses its monopoly of force to erode every limitation on its power, and thereby grows until it collapses under its own weight. It demands subservience to its authority.

Many of our relationships with each other are structured through institutions. We use these to simplify our trade, to transmit our culture, to communicate, and to resolve our differences. To the extent that our institutions rely on the State, they are vulnerable. Our institutions can be corrupted as the State engulfs them, or can be destroyed when the State fails.

The Anarcho-Capitalist Entrepreneur Network exists to help individuals cooperate to design and implement organizations that respect the rights of individuals; to create organizations that are completely independent of the State. In time, we hope that such organizations become familiar enough that individuals no longer consider force or fraud a legitimate way to interact with each other.

Operating Environment

The framework of anarcho-capitalism provides a diagnosis of current events and predictions for future financial and social situations. Generally, we blame the financial collapse of the early 21st century upon fiat currencies and regulations enforced by the State. We blame the violent deaths of hundreds of millions of humans in just the last century on the attempt of various States to establish their authority world-wide. We try to imagine the innovation and wealth that could have been part of today’s voluntary economy if it had not been systematically destroyed by State coercion. This gives us a view of opportunities for and threats to our organizations that are different from views sanctioned by the State.

We expect organizations to be regulated by the choice of the participants. To the extent an individual freely chooses an organization, it thrives. We embrace an environment of competition, cooperation, and division of labor.

We do not need to confront the State directly. We can be innovative enough to find spaces where we can operate, prosper, and grow new organizations that simply make the State irrelevant.

We know that, ultimately, there is no State. It is an idea promoted by some individuals to claim legitimacy for their criminal acts of force or fraud. As each individual realizes this, and denies that legitimacy, we will offer them a rich world of institutions that make that transition increasingly easier.

Additional Resources

The site Market Anarchy has a wealth of additional resources explaining the philosophy of anarcho-capitalism.


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