AnCap Entrepreneur Network


Introduction to the AnCap Entrepreneur Network

Mark Thomas

Building Businesses for a Free Society

The Role of the Entrepreneur as an Agent of Social Change

Peter G. Klein

Peter G. Klein discusses the Austrian School’s view of the entrepreneur, and how the entrepreneur introduces new institutions to society.

Building an AnCap Business; Subscription Patrol & Restitution

Gil Guillory

Gil will discuss his experience as an “open source” entrepreneur: self-education, research projects, building a team, finding mentors, partnering, etc. He will give a briefing of his status and estimated countdown to launch.

Creating Alternative Networks (A Brief Kill Switch Survival Guide)

Jeff P. Zacher

A guide to the physical hardware and software installation and compatibility for use in creating alternative ad-hoc networks. These networks will meet the following design goals:

  • independent
  • off the grid
  • secure
  • confidential
  • anonymous
  • deniable

As such they are flexible enough to survive a flip of the Internet kill switch.

Opportunities for sales and services based on this technology are covered.

Interview – Introducing Gold to the Consumer Marketplace

Steve Fairfax

At the 2010 Austrian Scholars Conference, Steve presented a paper introducing several exciting product ideas for convenient gold currency: embedding gold strips in notes and developing methods for depositing fixed amounts of gold on durable film. We discuss these projects, his research in the past year, and ask how the outcome of the von NotHaus trial affects the market for private currencies.

Roundtable Discussions

Tennyson McCalla

The “Infrastructure Roundtable” will be a Skype/phone-in discussion on wikis, social networks, conferences, advertising and other tools that will help us keep in touch with developments in the Liberty industry. The “Research Roundtable”, on the other hand, will focus on content–how we can collaborate on market research, needs analysis, sources of capital and other resources to help us run profitable businesses.


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